Exclusive Offer CCLI License Holders Save up to $199.98 on an Audiofusion System

STEP 1: Try Audiofusion for free

To get started, install SoundCaster on your Mac*. With just an email address, you can try it for free in Gear Test Mode. With this mode, you can broadcast up to 16 channels to as many as 16 Performers. You won’t be able to use the system live because Gear Test Mode will only run for 15 minutes at a time but you can restart it as many times as you need to hear the sound quality for yourself and make sure your Wi-Fi router is capable.


STEP 2: Claim your offer

As a CCLI license holder, you can purchase five connections for the price of four, or ten connections for the price of eight, saving up to $199.98 (USD)! Click the link below to save your offer. When you’re ready, you can purchase permanent connections through in-app purchase on SoundCaster, and this discount will be automatically applied. 

Note: Audiofusion is available today for Mac and iOS devices only. However, when the Android version becomes available, you can use it alongside your Mac / iOS devices.

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